Project Name:  New Braunfels Fire Station #4

Contract Amount:  $2,359,000.00
Project Type/Size:  New Construction -- 10,800 sq.ft.
Fire Station with Administrative Facility
Owner: New Braunfels Fire Department


The 10,800 sq.ft. New Braunfels Fire Station was constructed for the City of New Braunfels. The construction of this fire station included a total of 4 storage bays for the fire trucks and necessary equipment.  Due to the capacity and use of this project, it was imperative to have certain electrical circuits, storage, heating, and ventilation systems much similar to the proposed project.  The scope of work included extensive site work, building slab, building structure, fixed equipment, special HVAC, plumbing, including a septic system, and electrical systems.  This project included a cistern water storage tank which is considered a ‘GREEN’ item because it collects rain water to use as an irrigation system.  A Low-E window glass system was used as part of the construction plan.  This facility also incorporates a full commercial kitchen, activity rooms, living quarters, and workout room to make a great home away from home for New Braunfels’ firemen.