Project Name:
City of San Antonio District 9 - Encino Branch Library
Final Amount:  $1,304,550.00
Project Type/Size: New Construction
Owner: City of San Antonio, TCI

COSA Dist9 Encino Branch Library 2COSA Dist9 Encino Branch Library 3
The Project began a remodeling process by stripping a former restaurant building, standing at 10,177 sf., down to the studs, to convert to a library. A small 2,308 sf. area was added as a teen and children's book section.  The only portion of the building that needed no adjustments were the bathrooms, which were left as is.  Technology and unique design ideas advanced the former building to meet modern times.  For example, the ceiling lights sit above the ceiling tiles.  Panels, made of a thin fabric material, were created as an area for the lights to shine through.  Monopads were installed throughout the building, which basically look like large 70" - 80" iPads, with touch screens, and interact between rooms.  Smaller individual rooms within the building are divided by glass walls, and sliding glass doors to create the illusion of one large flowing space.  It contains one large open area, known as the "flex" area, used as a place for visitors to congregate, use for meetings, communal, etc.  A unique trait about this area is, it can be converted into two separate rooms by soundproof movable partition walls installed by the team.  Encino Branch is also the only library in s the San Antonio system to be designed with a drive trough book pick up.